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Planning To Buy a Camera for Your Next Vacation

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Planning to buy a new camera, but unable to decide which one or which type of camera will be suitable for you? Yes, you are good at analysis and are only waiting for that one fine day you will sit and evaluate the parameters and go for that one camera that suits your needs. Well, your search ends here!

TECHKZAR has got you a camera buying guide, which would help you decide the best camera for your next vacation. We will have a look at different types of cameras and how they can suit your needs depending upon the kind of person you are. So, let’s dive deep into understanding the type of needs you have. 

Best Camera For the Adventure Junkies and Explorers

pexels elijah odonnell 2409681 | Planning to buy a new camera, but unable to decide which one or which type of camera will be suitable for you? |
Photo by Elijah O’Donnell from Pexels

Are you the explorer who likes to go on those adventure rides? You like to run, skate, paraglide from mountains or dive with the dolphins. It’s really hard to capture these trips as there is almost no time to hold a camera and pose for the moment.

You should definitely opt for an action camera. Action cameras are much more compact and durable than the other ones and can be mounted almost anywhere. You can take high-quality photos and videos, in the harshest weather conditions, even when underwater. Most of the action cameras are capable of recording 4K videos in top-notch quality without hassle. As the saying goes ‘journeys are almost always more beautiful than destiny.’ Well, now you can capture those journeys. As you can use action cameras as a car dash-cam rides to capture the beauty of the path.

Action cameras can even be put on your pet’s harness or neck collar band to see through their eyes. By putting on an action camera on sports equipment, you can record extreme sports from different angles too. There’s a wide variety of action cameras in the market from different manufacturers right from GoPro to Sony.

Best Camera For the Family Outings

pexels yulianto poitier 1231365 | Planning to buy a new camera, but unable to decide which one or which type of camera will be suitable for you? |
Photo by Yulianto Poitier from Pexels

To preserve all the sweet memories with your loving family, you need good pictures with them. DSLR cameras are the best to capture all of these loving moments with your family and are probably the best camera for your next family outing to the hill resort or the desert safari. The Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras (or the DSLR), as heavy as the words sound, have been a photographer’s choice for numerous family and social events.

Some of the best photographs of that wedding were taken on a DSLR. They even work well in low light and are known for capturing the best pictures and videos of all the time! The only drawback is that they are bulkier. But that can be snubbed on taking into consideration the variety of lenses they offer, the clarity, even in the zoom, and their weather sealing, which can withstand various challenging weather conditions.

DSLR cameras are also constructed solidly, thus having the ability to take in a lot of physical abuse. It’s a no-brainer that the wildlife enthusiasts have single-mindedly banked on DSLR Cameras for those rare photographs of birds and wildlife species. The DSLRs have all sorts of functions available for a variety of purposes or choices life presents. DSLRs offer quite a lot for both the beginner and for the virtuoso.

Want a Light-in-Weight Camera

pexels element digital 1051075 edited | Planning to buy a new camera, but unable to decide which one or which type of camera will be suitable for you? |
Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

Well, you are the globe trotter who loves to carry a good quality camera but would like to avoid all that weight and bulkiness of a DSLR, a mirror-less camera can be your choice. When it comes to choosing a light-in-weight camera, the first option that comes to your mind is the Mirrorless Camera.

They are lighter, compact, faster, and much better for videos. Mirrorless cameras have incredible sensors that can capture every little detail in the scene, from highlights to shadows. They are also the best ones for travel, given their lightweight and portability. The electronic viewfinders in a mirrorless camera provide the DSLR like quality to mirrorless cameras, which puts the mirrorless cameras or the DSLMs (digital single-lens mirrorless) at par with the other viable options.

Mirrorless cameras also have a good and much easier lens adaptability and a lot of options to choose from. It’s no surprise that mirrorless camera sales have gradually increased from 5 percent to more than 15 percent of camera sales globally over the last decade. 

Want Something Handy and Real Quick

Pexels bia sousa edited 1 | Planning to buy a new camera, but unable to decide which one or which type of camera will be suitable for you? |
Photo by Bia Sousa from Pexels

A Point and Shoot Camera, as the name suggests is what you are looking for. It is extremely light in weight and has a compact size. Point and Shoot cameras are extremely easy to use, given that all of their functions are automatic and are ready as soon as taken out from the box. They are quiet and have a fixed-lens camera with a built-in flash (the lenses are directly built into the camera body). So they are probably the best ones for the impatient travel photographer in you, who just don’t want to miss a moment, especially when you are with your kids on a vacation or in an event. 

So now, if you want to classify these cameras on the basis of holidays/occasions, then…

The Adventurer’s Friend

GoPro Latest Camera – Hero9

Action cameras are the best choice when on adventures or for capturing all the moments of your favorite sport! Simply go for the GoPro Hero8; a T3 Award-winner, making it the best action camera in the world!  It’s the best you can get if looking for an action camera.

A Vaccy-Cammy 

dslr | Planning to buy a new camera, but unable to decide which one or which type of camera will be suitable for you? |

If on a vacation, a solo trip, or a family trip, either opt for a DSLR camera, given its clarity and various other professional functions it offers. Or, opt for a Point and Shoot Camera, given its portability, compactness, and ease of use. You can use both DSLR and P&S cameras while on a beach, sightseeing tour, or when touring a city. You may go for a range of cameras offered by Nikon like D3500, or a P&S camera from Canon like the PowerShot Elph 180. 


mirrorless | Planning to buy a new camera, but unable to decide which one or which type of camera will be suitable for you? |

Want to click a lot of pictures, but you also need to manage your bag weight along with all of your stuff while traveling. Better go for a lighter option while choosing a camera. Go for a mirrorless camera like Fujifilm X-T30; it probably is the best camera for your next vacation you can get! 

The above-mentioned are some of the best cameras for your next vacation bifurcated into their user type. We thought the article is based on camera & photography so we added many cool pics to add some creative magic to make it look colorful and fun! All the mentioned cameras are best sellers in their class and provide you with the best of features! In the end, choose the one according to your requirements.

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