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Binge-Worthy Shows For October Specially Curated For You! (Not Squid Game !)

OTTs never seem to disappoint us when it comes to giving hit shows and movies. 

September was a month full of megahit shows and movies making our binge-watch list for the month larger.

Money Heist Season 5, Kota Factory, Sex Education Season 3, Lucifer Season 6 were all major hits on the OTT platform. And how can one forget the legendary Squid Game?

We all enjoyed the shows and movies to the fullest, have related to them, and have made lots of memes on them. 

Netflix 1 1 | Techkzar feels that you should now update your binge-worthy shows of October with all the movies and shows that will be released in mid-week of the month. | netflix

The OTTs have helped us survive the entire lockdown period, and they will continue to keep us entertained in all situations with their phenomenal content. 

Most of you must have binged watched almost all releases of September until now. So what’s next?

As we step in the mid of October, Techkzar feels that you should now update your binge-worthy shows of October with all the movies and shows that will be released in mid-week of the month. 

The only aim of this article is that you discuss your binge time with your company and schedule everything accordingly. After all, you need to be updated with all the latest (filmy) news 😉

So, without much ado, let’s have a look at your binge-watch list for October 2021!

Your Binge-Watch List – Netflix

Netflix brings to its audience a whole new list of fantastic shows and movies. The platform in the month of October will be dropping some incredible and binge-worthy watch content. 

Netflix is all set to release various documentaries, popular series and some thrillers, rom-com movies, and much more this month. 

squid game | Techkzar feels that you should now update your binge-worthy shows of October with all the movies and shows that will be released in mid-week of the month. | netflix

To tell you about a few, this famous OTT platform will be dropping The Forgotten Battle, season 2 of the serial killer drama You, and Insiders amongst others. 

The month will see the arrival of the latest season of many popular series, including season 2 of Mythomaniac, the fourth and final season of Little Things, Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight Part 2, Dynasty S4, the famous Locke & Key S2, and much more.

Your Binge-Watch List – Prime

Amazon Prime is getting you a whole new list latest movies and series, including lots of remakes! 

The movie’s front includes Akilla’s Escape, Sardar Udham, Wanderlust, The Green Knight, Cowboys & Aliens amongst others. 

You’ll get to watch some magnificent series like Maradona: Blessed Dream S1 An Amazon Original Series, new episodes of If You Give A Mouse a Cookie, I Know What You Did Last Summer S1, This Is Us S5, and much more.

These incredible movies and series can be watched day and night without any interruptions!

Your Binge-Watch List – Disney+Hotstar

Apart from streaming almost all live sports across the world, Disney + Hotstar has also been slowly and steadily adding entertainment content on the platform.

Good news for you all, that this OTT platform this month is not only releasing Indian shows and movies but will also stream magnificent foreign content on it. 

So what does Disney+Hotstar have in the bag for you?

Indian releases on the platform include Sanak, Lift, and Shiddat.

Foreign releases include Free Guy, Uppets Haunted Mansion, and more.

You can also watch these incredible series on the platform from October:

Succession S3, Curb Your Enthusiasm S11, Insecure S5, and more!

Your Binge-Watch List – Zee5

Zee5 has more Indian content than international. The upcoming releases on the OTT platform will surely blow your mind away. The platform has everything that you need to stay entertained. So, what’s the platform releasing for October?

The platform is all set to release big hits like Rashmi Rocket, Heads and Tales, Aafat-E-Ishq, and more! 

Final Words

This was your binge-watch list for October 2021! OTTs have indeed made our month! So, what are you all waiting for? Go get your tv spree started now! Happy Reading!


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