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Clubhouse App – What I Really Loved About the App

Visual content has changed how we consume social media, with Instagram and Youtube revolutionizing how we connect & network with people around us.

But, here comes a new platform that might soon turn the table for audio-based content.

Clubhouse is an invitation-only drop-in audio chat, where people interact and learn in real-time by joining rooms.

What is Clubhouse? The invite-only audio social media app. - NEST  Management Ltd

I feel lucky to get the ‘invite’ and joined the app; I traversed various interesting rooms and listened to multiple conversations on topics as broad as business and sex.

I got completely hooked up on the app’s simplicity and how perfectly the rooms were moderated.

The best part is that people make you feel welcome and comfortable in the discussion, which is very important for an unsocial like me. Since then, I have spoken in various rooms and made some meaningful connections. I like how people judge you based on your words and not on your profile picture and Bio.

These days social media is often a VISUAL-CENTRIC platform, where people are running after likes and personal validation. I feel it’s the perfect time to bring about a forum where opinions, thoughts, and meaningful conversations also matter.

Kudos to ClubHouse! So have you got an invite! Yet?

#clubhouseapp #marketing #socialmedia #audiocontent

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