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Unique Fiverr Ideas for Gigs To Earn From Home in 2020

What is Fiverr? 

Fiverr is an online marketplace that brings business and freelancers on a single digital platform. Launched on February 1, 2010, this Israel-based company is the brainchild of Micha Kaufman. 

Inside Fiverr’s Cool Tel Aviv Headquarters (Unique Fiverr Ideas for Gigs To Earn From Home)

Inside Fiverr’s Cool Tel Aviv Headquarters

Fiverr is the best place for freelancers and buyers both. Being a freelancer, the nature of your skill doesn’t matter, all you need is a creative mind and should give your best. With Fiverr, you can easily earn up to $10,000 for each order.

Most of the services on the platform start from $5, making it best for buyers too. If you have a talent and are skilled and if you wish to monetize it, then Fiverr is the perfect platform for you to showcase your skills. 

Fiverr - Perfect place to start your freelance career (Unique Fiverr Ideas for Gigs To Earn From Home)
Fiverr – Perfect place to start your freelance career

But what can you do to earn some money on Fiverr? Well, everyone gets stuck at this question whenever they think of earning. It surely takes some time to recognize your skills. But you shouldn’t stop here!

TECHKZAR presents 6 Fiverr ideas to help start your gig! You may explore these to recognize your talent and interest. All of these Fiverr ideas are in trend and only need your talent and skills. So let’s have a look at these very helpful and trendy Fiverr ideas!

Six Easy Fiverr Ideas for Gigs to Earn from Home

#1 – Sell your Diet Regime

Sell your perfect Diet Secrets (Unique Fiverr Ideas for Gigs To Earn From Home)
Sell your perfect Diet Secrets

About 2-3 years from now, fitness and health weren’t given that much importance, but now it has become an integral part of our lives.

In fact, fitness has become the most important thing now, especially in today’s world, where staying fit is a must due to the changing environment and our lifestyle. Along with staying fit, we also have to look after our health to live a better life. Because of this sole reason, people often keep looking for different diet plans to stay healthy and fit.

So, if you are obsessed with a healthy and fit body and flaunt one and rigorously follow a dietary plan to maintain it, then why not share it with others? It will not only help others get fit and healthy but will also help you earn a good amount for yourself.

This surely is one of the must-try Fiverr ideas. Also, don’t forget to promote your gig with attractive pictures and videos of your fit and healthy body. This would help attract more fitness-freaks and help you further in your business venture. 

#2 – Do Photo or Video Editing

Do Photo or Video Editing (Unique Fiverr Ideas for Gigs To Earn From Home)
Wear your creative hat & show your skills

Photo-editing has a lot of scope in this age of digital consumption. With the rapid increase in the number of smartphones and internet users, the people on social media platforms are increasing expeditiously too. In this context, it has become very important and of value to maintain a good social media platform.

So, if you have the skills of a photo-editor and implement it attractively, then Fiverr is the right place to showcase your talent. Share some of your sample work on the platform, and if the audience finds it attractive enough, then people from both business and social domains will surely approach you for it. This is one of the best Fiverr ideas to earn a good amount by just using your talent. 

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#3 – Sell your Style Sense

Video by cottonbro from Pexels

Clothes being one of the basic needs of people are always in demand. People are always looking for stylish and uniquely designed clothes that are attractive and come at a good price. So, if you have a good fashion sense then and love designing clothes, then use that skill to earn some cash for yourself. Click pictures of your sample works and publish them on Fiverr so that people get to know about your talent. You can start by designing a simple handkerchief. With this one of the best Fiverr ideas, you’ll surely get a good amount of responses.

#4 – Be Social Media/Digital Marketing Manager

Be Social Media/Digital Marketing Manager (Unique Fiverr Ideas for Gigs To Earn From Home)
Be your own Boss

Every business needs to market their products in order to promote them among the people. Marketing is one of the most essential skills required by any business. And, in this digital era, companies are more inclined towards advertising their products and services on the internet, on social media platforms, search engines and etc., in order to attract more customers.

So, if you have a natural aptitude for creating viral social media posts or have completed a course on social media marketing, then you must showcase them on Fiverr. You can even help the companies by providing them with unique plans and strategies to promote their brand on social media. With this one of the greatest Fiverr ideas for a gig, you can earn a good amount for yourself every month.

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#5 – Design Covers for E-Books

The growing popularity of digitalization has opened new doors for every niche, including aspiring authors. Writers, these days, publish their books themselves in the format of e-books on digital platforms like Amazon Kindle, Wattpad, etc., instead of publishing them as physical books. As the popularity of e-books is increasing day-by-day, so is the demand for e-books covers.

If you have excellent image editing skills, are aware of the present visual trends, have a creative mind, and capitalize on these skills, then take advantage of this rising market to earn a good amount for yourself every month. This is one of the trending and best Fiverr ideas nowadays via which you can earn a good amount for yourself.

#6 – Do Sketching or Making Cartoon Characters

(Unique Fiverr Ideas for Gigs To Earn From Home)

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

If you are passionate about sketching, especially cartoon characters, then you should really showcase your skills on Fiverr. Customers, nowadays, love cartoon characters. Being a bit more creative with your talent, you can even draw caricatures or create doodles. This one of the best Fiverr ideas makes use of your creativity to help you make some extra money. 

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Wrap Up

Fiverr is an excellent online platform to start a freelancing job. However, you have to remember that Fiverr only provides you with a base, it’s you who has to build the whole superstructure for yourself.

The Fiverr ideas mentioned above are very practical to begin your business on Fiverr. But, it’s upon you to tweak these ideas as per your skills and transform them into something very unique.

Recognize your skills, register yourself on Fiverr, implement them on the platform, and jump-start your business!

In order to make your gig competitive enough, you can research a few latest trends in the market. Thorough keyword research would help your gig to reach the maximum number of people interested in the niche. So, wait no more!

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