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Podcast Basics 101 | How To Start a Podcast

Podcasts are a series of audio files wherein you talk about a certain topic and record and post it for your followers to listen to it.

Podcasts can be earlier recorded and then posted, also known as video podcasts, can be live, or can also be published as a podcast novel. In podcast novels, you have an audiobook for your podcast series wherein you record and publish several podcasts.

“an episodic series of spoken word digital audio files.”

Podcast, currently, is a trending way to get popular amongst the crowd and also to make money. There are many famous podcasters who have become popular (and also rich) from podcasting.

You, too, can adopt podcast to become popular and rich. Here are a few hot and trending topics for the podcast which would help podcasting for beginners.

Podcasting for Beginners – Trending Topics

Your podcast topic can be anything that you like or what your audience is interested in. Here are some trending topics for podcasting for beginners.

  • You can talk about your personal experiences
  • Story tell any of your past experiences
  • You can have an advice column of yours
  • Behind the scenes for influencers
  • You can teach some basic skills to your audience (whatever skills you possess)
  • Have a “humor-filled” podcast (comedy podcast)
  • You can share your perspectives on political events happening in your country, on any new movie or series, or various such things.
  • You can tell your own story to the audience in novel or video podcasts

Like the above mention topic, you can choose any of your favorite topic or the topic which you think your audience might like.

How To Set-up Your Channel and Start a Podcast?

After selecting a topic for podcasts, the next question that arises is how to start a podcast and how to set up your podcast channel. In order to start podcasting for beginners, you would need some basic equipment to enhance your podcasts. These equipment’s’ are not necessary or compulsory to start a podcast, but every podcaster should have this equipment to enrich their podcast quality.

  • Microphone- So that your voice is heard clearly.
  • You would also need good editing software that can edit and further enhance your podcasts.

How To Start a Podcast – Tips & Tricks

While recording your podcast, you should have a script of it so as to know what things would go first. It would also give you an idea of how your podcast would sound. Keeping a measure of time is also very important, so include the timings in the script too. The most basic script is:

  • Introduction (talk about who you are and inform the audience what you are going to talk about): This introduction should be of about 30-60 seconds.
  • Introductory music which would help the audience to identify your show with the jingle. The music should go on for 30-60 seconds.
  • After the intro, you can start with your topic. If your topic is divided into several parts, then you can talk about each one for about 2-3 minutes and have a break between them. If you want to talk about it in one go, then you can. But, it is preferred to have some breaks in between.
  • In the closure, thank your audience and guests and inform them about the next show you will be having.
  • End the podcast playing the same introductory jingle.

After you are done with the recording, you can edit and then upload your podcast on iTunes, BuzzSprout, PodBean, Transistor, Simplecast, Captivate, Spreaker, Fusebox, Audioboom, Libsyn or if you have a video podcast then you can even upload it on YouTube.

You can then upload your podcast on any of the sites by creating your feed and then submitting your podcast.

These were some tips about podcasting for beginners on how to start a podcast, things required to start a podcast, and some tips to start a podcast. If you are a beginner to podcasting, you should follow these tips before starting a podcast, How To Start a Podcast - Tips & Tricks

Things to keep in mind while starting a podcast

While starting a podcast, especially if you are a beginner to podcasting, you should keep in mind a few things while podcasting. These things are necessary so that your audience is interested in the podcast throughout and keep coming back for your future podcasts.

  • Be clear to your audience- be clear about whatever you say and don’t confuse the audience, especially if you are giving out advice.
  • Make sure your audio quality is good- if you have a low or bad audio quality, then your audience might not understand what you are saying and then again might be left confused.
  • Make sure your podcast isn’t longer, try and make it of 22 minutes max cause any person cannot keep listening to one single speaker for longer than 20 minutes.
  • As exceptions are always there, if your podcast is going to be longer, then make sure you have breaks in between so as not to bore the audience. You can also have ads in your podcast breaks so as to monetize your podcast.
  • The best days to post your podcast are Tuesday and Wednesday. Most of the famous podcasters post on similar days.
  • The frequency of posting the podcasts is once weekly or a maximum twice weekly. Most of the popular podcasters post once or twice weekly.
  • Also, make sure that your editing is clean.

Best Podcast to listen in 2020 – Podcast Series

  • Dead Eyes
  • Floodlines
  • Home Cooking
  • Julie’s Library
  • Oh, Hello: The P’dcast
  • Phoebe Reads a Mystery
  • Rabbit Hole
  • Staying In With Emily and Kumail
  • Wind of Change
  • The Wire: Way Down in the Hole

Ending note

These were some tips about podcasting for beginners on how to start a podcast, things required to start a podcast, and some tips to start a podcast. If you are a beginner to podcasting, you should follow these tips before starting a podcast, and if you already have a podcast, then these methods would help you grow your reach. Hope you had a good time reading this article. Happy Podcasting!

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