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Memobottle: The world’s best-designed reusable water bottle.

Have you ever wished that your water bottle was just a little bit smaller? Maybe it’s too large for your bag or it’s not the right size to fit in the cup holder on your desk. With so many different shapes and sizes of water bottles, some people can’t find one that fits their lifestyle.

Well, look no further!


This Memobottle water bottle is reimagined to easily fit in your bag and life. 

Memobottles’ flat, paper-inspired design allows it to fit almost anywhere, letting you make the most out of your space. 

The compact design allows it to fit in your bags, cross-body bags, airplane pockets, and even pouches. Its portability makes it your perfect companion for travel which you would never want to leave behind.

Memobottle is made out of premium food-grade 304 stainless steel. This brand new avatar of Memobottle is robust and stain-resistant. In addition, it has got a luxurious satin outer powder coat that is both delicate to touch and scratch-resistant. 

Its laser etched detailing, gentle curves, and polished mouthpiece all complement the bottle’s durability perfectly.

Yes, Memobottle is obsessed with detailing! 

It geeks out on product designs on a daily basis. 

Driven by design and innovation, the team is very conscious of their production processes’ impact on our environment. 

Memobottle Stainless is currently live on Kickstarter. We also covered some of the amazing and innovative products on the go here.

The product, in the beginning, has faced many trials when it was exposed to constant failures, errors, and rejections. But the team believed in their dream and kept hustling to make it come true, and in the end, all their endeavors finally reached an outcome, a successful one, which they’re all very proud of and which we are lucky to have.

Here’s a list of different versions of Memobottle that’ll be available to everyone:


The mass production will start from December, and it’ll be all set to reach you, with all tests done, from April!

After getting acquainted with the legendary Memobottle, do you also wonder who the people who invented this great water bottle were? Cause I did! 

Let’s find out about the Memobottle team, how it all started and how it’s going!

2048px memobottle SS 2625 2 1 | memobottle is a reusable water bottle that is designed to look good, be easy to use, and keep water cool for hours. | Memobottle, waterbottle

Meet the Founder’s of the memobottle

Founded in 2014, Memobottle was bought to life by two childhood besties Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt. 

Where did the whole idea of Memobottle come from?

Memobottle was born out of two frustrations that the two besties experienced; first, the impact of single-use water bottles on the environment and us, and second, the inability to fit round bottles in bags. 

Very soon, they found out that these frustrations are shared by tons of other people worldwide. So the two wanted a solution to this mutually shared problem, and that is when Memobottle came out. 

Memobottle is a team of 10 passionate individuals based in Melbourne, Australia. They are committed to inspiring a more reusable society by designing considered, convenient, everyday products for everyone. Driven by design, innovation, and a strong desire to improve our environment, Memobottle makes sure its production does not impact the environment in the wrong way. Instead, their creation only helps improve the state of our environment.

And Memobottle, obviously, is the result of this drive and motivation to keep our environment healthy.

memobottle with a mission

The bottle is not just a bottle. It was created having an aim in mind. A mission that the bottle works for, two, actually. 

Memobottle is a certified B-Corporation with social and environmental consideration at the forefront of everything that they do. 

The Memobottle team measures its success via two key metrics, a dual impact model, as they like to call it. These successes are also the missions they’ve been working for with the help of Memobottle and its other products.  

To date, Memobottle, according to estimates, has diverted over 100 million single-use water bottles from ending up in landfills. And through their partnership with, they have provided over 11 million days of clean water to those in need. 

The team looks forward to more such successes in their journey. The companies’ products add value and help the community live better lives. With Memobottle, you’ll stay hydrated anywhere, and everywhere you go. Memobottle is one less excuse not to carry a bottle and one more reason to stay hydrated!

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