Monday, January 30, 2023

Al Hilm: 1 Ball, 1 Trophy and tons of curiosity in the new country! Here’s all you need to know about it!

The new football for the FIFA world cup is all over the news, and for all good reasons.

Named Al Hilm, which translates to “The Dream,” we find that the ball itself has gained more popularity than the tournament this season. 


Because of its unique technology that makes the semi-automated offside decisions more fast and more accurate. 

Manufactured by Adidas, Al Hilm follows on from the Official Match Ball of the group stages, named Al Rihla, which can be translated to “The Journey.”

Lets get to know Al Hilm!

It has the same “Connected Ball” technology like Al Rihla, which has been an invaluable discovery in helping match officials make precise decisions swiftly during this World Cup.

What’s more is that this innovation even has the player position data and also offers the Video Match Official’s instant data, all to help optimize the decisions, thus making for a seamless fan experience. By applying Artificial Intelligence to the ball data captured by the IMU sensors that lay within the ball, this new tech supports the semi-automated offside system, especially by providing information about the exact moment the ball is played in the tight offside situations. 

The Director of Football Technology & Innovation at FIFA, Johannes Holzmüller stated: “ With the development of the connected ball technology, adidas made it possible that an additional important layer of information is available to the video match officials. The data from the ball unlocks new insights for storytelling around the unique moments on the pitch at this World Cup.”

Source: FIFA 

The ball has been designed taking all components into consideration, even the environment in Doha. 

Al Hilm is also the first FIFA World Cup (semi-finals and final ball) that is made using only water-based inks and glues.

Set on a textured gold base colour, featuring a subtle triangular pattern, the design of the ball draws inspiration from the sparkling deserts of the region that surround the city of Doha, the colour of the FIFA World Cup Trophy and of course, the pattern of the Qatar flag.

According to Nick Craggs, the General manager for Football, Adidas, “ Al Hilm represents a beacon of light on the power of sport and football to bring the world together. Millions will tune in from almost every country around the globe, united by their passion for the game. We wish all teams involved in the final stages of the tournament the best of luck as they compete on the largest stage that football has to offer”


This Football World Cup, so far, has truly been like a dream for all football fans around the world. And that is what makes Al Hilm fit perfectly to this season. 

So, what are your thoughts on this innovative football and of course the World Cup?

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