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Reverse Email Lookup | Find an Email Senders Identity in 2021

Have you ever received emails from unknown people and have wasted time thinking about who it might be? Is the mail legit or not? Or other things like this? If yes, then we’re on the same boat. But I’ve found a way out of this guessing game. Want to know what it is? It’s known as a reverse email lookup. So now, what exactly is a reverse email lookup? A reverse email lookup is nothing but a way to find a person’s identity from their email address. Usually, what a person does is he/she uses the persons’ name to find their email address, but in reverse email lookup, the same person can find a persons’ name with the help of his/her email address. So, how does this reverse email lookup work? Let’s find out!

How Does a Reverse Email Lookup Work?

There happen to be various ways to track a particular person using just their email address. One of them is to track the person doing a Google or Facebook search. When you execute a Google/Facebook search, the respected apps use the data that their users themselves willingly have provided them so that they can provide you with the required information. Facebook also has an option to disable the app to find your account using your email address. But you will have to enable it manually, and if you haven’t disabled Facebook from using your email address to find your account, anyone can use your email address to find your profile. 

Furthermore, there also exist services that specialize in this niche. These services specializing in reverse email lookup already have databases they’ve created by scarping websites like Google, Facebook, etc. These companies use more Avant-grade algorithms that make them able to carry out more in-depth research and gather more information than what we can find by a simple search. These services amalgamate all the data they’ve researched in one place, making it easier for them to search and find all the information they’re looking for in one place and all at once.

Can You Get a Free Reverse Email Lookup Search?

The answer to this question is straightforward. If you use free tools like Google and Facebook to do a reverse email lookup, you won’t have to pay a single penny. But if you’re using other reverse email lookup services, they might give you some basic information for free and charge for the rest of the full information. Some reverse email lookup services restrict their users by the number of searches they can make in a month. But, if you need to trace emails only once in a while, then the free versions of services providing a limited number of searches will do well for you. 

Are There Any International Reverse Email Lookup Services?

Most of the reverse email lookup services belong to the US market, but they do work well for people residing in other countries. The results, though, depending on how actively the particular email address is being used than on the country of origin.

Is It Possible To Trace a G-Mail Email?

Yes, you can trace a G-mail email, and all the information and methods described in this article work with G-mail.

Is It Possible To Reverse Lookup an Email Address?

Yes, it is possible to reverse lookup an email address. Using the methods that I’m going to tell you later in this article, you will reverse lookup an email address.

Reverse Email Lookup | Find an Email Senders Identity in 2021

There exist several tools and methods which you can utilize to find a sender’s identity using just their email. I’ve listed the tools and their methods, starting with the free ones first and then moving onto the paid ones. These tools and methods work with all email service providers, including Outlook, Rediff mail, Yahoo, our very own G-mail, and other mails with domain names. Let’s have a look at them! 

Execute a Simple Google Search

Google Search is a powerhouse of a search engine, and there is nothing that Google cant find. If you want to find a person via his/her email address, all you should do is type the associated email address in the Google search box, and Google, within seconds, will get search results ready for you. The search results will include the persons’ social media accounts, his/her LinkedIn profile, and much more. This is the simplest way to find information about an email address. 

Execute a Reverse Email Lookup Search on Facebook and Other Social Media Websites.

Plenty of people willingly share their personal information on social media websites, especially Facebook. Facebook is the best place to find any person’s information, free of cost. On Facebook, copy-paste the related email address in its search box and hit the search button. If any Facebook user uses the same mail address on his/her account, then their name will appear in the search result. Facebook also allows its users to disable people finding them with the help of their email address, so if they’ve enabled the settings, you won’t be able to find them. In this case, you can use other social media platforms like Instagram, Linked In, and Twitter. These use the same method as Facebook. You can also use websites like Lullar, which will automatically search for your query on multiple social media platforms at once.

Make Use of Email Clients That Automatically Extract Sender Information.

The best way to keep track of all the emails you receive and the people who are sending them is by using a dedicated email client that will automatically extract the sender information and displays it right beside the email. You can use dedicated email clients like Polymail or MailBird in this case.

Use Browser Extensions

Another method of carrying out a reverse email lookup search is by making use of a browser extension. There are plenty of browser extensions that can help you find the email senders’ information when you open your browser’s particular email. One example of such an extension is the LinkedIn Sales Navigator scrapper. This extension provides the user with information about the sender right beside the associated email address. You can also check out Contact+ for Gmail or and others. These extensions would work with most of the email clients like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, or other custom domain email addresses. 

Make Use of a Reverse Email Search Engine.

If the prior mentioned methods don’t work out for you and you still don’t want to ask the sender who they are, this is the last parrot left to help you identify the senders’ identity. There are numerous reverse email lookup search or reverse people search engines that allow you to find someone’s information using just their email address. These people or reverse email search engines have one snag, which is that most of them are generally paid. Over the year, numerous free people and reverse email search engines have emerged, which also do pretty well in the niche. You can check out PIpl, BeenVerified, Spokeo, and more; I’m sure they won’t upset you. All of the people search engines and reverse email search engines use different search parameters because of which the results you get will vary depending upon the service you use.

This article put forward all the information one needs to know about a reverse email lookup. It also contains information about various reverse email lookup tools and the methods to use them, starting from the cost-free version to the paid ones. You can choose any tool of your choice and get all the sender information through just his/her email address. I hope the article helped you. 

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