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How to Sell Your E-Books: 3 Simple Steps You Need to Follow

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Do you wish to sell your e-books online? Or are you wondering how to sell your ebooks online? 

Whatever point you’re stuck at, this article is for you! 

We are going to tour you through three simple steps you need to follow to sell your e-books online. In this article, we also discuss in-depth steps on how to market your ebook and much more. 

As we focus on most non-fiction ebooks, many tips above also apply to fiction ebooks – and we’ll look at some general advice when necessary. 

In this article, we discuss How to promote your ebook, How to market it, and all the other things required to make your e-book a great success! 

sell your e-books

A few stats before we start off!

Here, we talk about the importance of eBooks and the process of promoting them, especially for the Indie Author. There exist numerous reasons to self-publish e-books. By selling your e-books for less than $2, you can get more people to buy your books.

Another powerful benefit of self-publishing your e-book is getting into the Amazon Store.
Nearly two-thirds of all US ebooks are sold through Amazon. So, why not join the top-selling sellers? Amazon is a great platform for authors. It is one of the largest ebook platforms on the market.

How to Sell your E-books online?

You can sell your ebook online easily by following these three easy steps!

STEP 1: Build an Author Platform for yourself, Research your Audience. Make sure you choose an author platform that’s relevant.

STEP 2: Run the Funnel with Facebook Ads, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or a third-party ad service. Facebook Ads work to promote your book. You can run them with ease. Just set your goal based on your keyword or topic and once you’ve created your campaign, share it with your existing social networks, and wait for likes to come flooding in. Next, we run Google AdWords to increase sales – an option that’s often overlooked for ebook sales.

The last and final step is to Marketing your E-Book. Let’s have a quick look at it!

“If you are good at something, never do it for free” 

Marketing Your e-Books

Here are a few top marketing hacks for the marketing of your ebook.

Honestly speaking, most pre-orders don’t happen the day the book is released. In-stock books have a much higher conversion rate for promotion. Pre-orders are rare, but once you know how to do it, it can pay off big.

Use pre-orders to only promote your book right up until your book is published. For this reason, we recommend publishing in-stock books once every quarter or so. And we also highly recommend using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) – the biggest e-publisher in the world. But that’s a topic for another time.
It’s a whole lot easier than you might think, isn’t it?

5 Platforms To Sell Your E-books

Using your writing skill you can write an eBook. Well, you also need proper knowledge on which you will write about to create your eBook. After writing this eBook you can sell it. You don’t need to go anywhere to sell your eBooks. It can be done easily just from your home online.

There are several online platforms or websites are available where you can upload and sell your eBooks easily. If someone needs it, then he/she can buy it.

1. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

2. Payhip

3. Kobo Writing Life

4. Smashwords

5. Gumroad


It’s never an easy task to go digital (or hybrid) publishing – at least until you’re an established author – and knowing how to navigate these waters and make the transition works for you and your sales! Cheers! Follow these three simple steps, and you’ll be well on your way to successfully selling your e-books online. Thank you for reading, we hope you’ve found this article useful!

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